The Proper Use Of Floor Jack Extenders

Working with automobiles is no joke; not only do you have to have pretty extensive knowledge of how the automobile actually works but you also need to know what to do if it breaks down. Knowing the right tools and techniques forms a huge part of setting things right in your car or truck. A floor jack lifts the car high enough for you to crawl under the car. Floor jack extensions are used to raise the car even higher.  Though not entirely a tool to fix problems, says nothing is more important in your arsenal than a floor jack

People may be familiar with a floor jack but may have not even heard of floor jack extenders. For most amateur car mechanics, if the car is too low to squeeze under, they usually end up using a couple of blocks of wood or metal to act as a lift between the jack and the floor. Not only is this common but it is also dangerous. Floor jack extenders aren’t typically expensive enough to even show up on your expenses radar and with a little ingenuity, can even be made at home.

Most of the time, it is advisable for floor jacks to be used only for lowering and lifting rather than holding the automobile in a single position for a long time. This created a problem, turning floor jack extenders into a specialty product rather than a necessity. Despite this, if you are looking to hold your vehicle up for any significant period, you should invest in a good floor jack and extender set. Sometimes, the floor jack that comes with the vehicle or the smaller travel jacks is not strong enough to lift your vehicle. For vehicles with larger clearances or are on the heavier side, an extender is not what you need but rather a bigger floor jack.

It is important to buy a floor jack extender that is right for your vehicle as well as your floor jack setup. Many floor jack extenders these days come with keyed bases or a socket system that will align the saddle of the floor jack precisely into the extender before the vehicle can be lifted. Not only do these safety features help the car from slipping off the jack but will also distribute pressure evenly across the floor jack extender to prevent it from bowing or breaking under the vehicle’s weight. Check and recheck the jack extensions when you are lifting to ensure there is no slipping or change in the position of both the jack and the jack extender.

Once the jack compresses under the load, take the time to ensure that the weight is being distributed evenly If you are using more than one jack, it is advisable to have someone with you keeping an eye on the other ones and lowering or raising the jacks in tandem to the one you are operating. This prevents excessive horizontal load which could lead to the vehicle slipping off the jack. In order to lower the vehicle, it is best to go through the loading procedure in reverse.

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